Let's Design Something New.

What Makes Good Design?
In the past design involved the creation of one deliverable with no room for customer feedback. This method of design is dated and simply ineffective. 
Today design insists that clients are always included in the design process. This collaboration ensures full consideration of a client's ideas and goals. Throughout the design process I will produce many iterations before consulting to share and receive feedback. This information serves to further inform the next design process and effective design is not possible without these collaboration sessions.
Check out the portfolio page to see many examples of my completed work.

All Designs Involve These Key Steps:
1. Introduction and brainstorm session
(Here we discuss what you aim to accomplish, what key values you hold, and any potential directions you wish to have considered.) 
2. Exploratory sketching
(As I create sketches based on further research, I will consider your competition and goals to ensure I offer the most effective and competitive design solutions.) 
3. Client meeting
(From these sketches we will sit down and consider three directions to push further towards a more finalized state. Maybe you like certain things about each or want to consider the opposite after seeing the visuals. Our collaborative feedback will prompt refinement of ideas.) 
4. Three potential design directions 
(During this process I will fully shift to design software to create vector designs that should be getting close to your final goal. In case you want more directions than these three, the contract is designed to allow more designs at a set cost per additional direction.) 
5. Client meeting
(During this check-in we will discuss which of the vector directions is strongest and decide on refinements needed for the final.) 
6. Final design creation
(I will take the design you choose from the three directions and push it to completion.)
7. Final client meeting 
(Final feedback can be given at this point to allow for any small changes needed as files are prepared for delivery.) 
8. Completion 
(Congratulations, you have just finished your project! After final payment and signing off on completion, I will deliver all finalized designs to you.) 
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