Let's Design Something New.

What Makes Good Design?
Collaboration is the key to successful design and ensuring all needs are met. Throughout the design process I will produce many iterations and always get your feedback before taking the design to completion. It is my personal belief that efficient communication ensures happy clients.
Good design also speaks for itself. Check out the portfolio page to see many examples of my completed work.

All Designs Involve 5 Key Steps:
1. Consultation meeting 
(Here we discuss the goal of your project and what you hope to accomplish.) 
2. Research and iterative sketching
(Research allows me to gauge your competition and ensure purposeful designs.) 
3. Three design directions based on sketching feedback 
(Your feedback from the rough sketches allow me to direct the designs into three more finished directions. In case you want more directions, the contract is designed to allow more designs at a set cost per additional direction.) 
4. Final design creation from the chosen direction in step three 
(I will take the design you choose from the three directions and push it to completion. Final feedback can be given at this point to allow for any small changes needed.) 
5. Signature of completion and delivery of final designs 
(Congratulations! You have just finished your project. After signing off on completion I will deliver all final designs to you.) 
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